How to get rid of Annoying Facebook Apps

The easiest way is to simply remove them as a friend. Yeah, easy if you don't know them personally. If you do, you better be wearing a bullet proof vest because they'll be coming out to punch your lights out "why did you delete me as a friend?"

Here I want to explain to you how to remove annoying Facebook friends without actually removing them. Doesn't make sense does it? Well I never claimed to be a scientist.

Anywho, I'm sure you get lots of apps (application) request: from Mafia Wars, Farmville, Cityville etc. That is annoying. Especially if you have an ipod. I am waiting to hear back from a special someone on Facebook, I hear the alert on my Ipod so I run all over the house to get it, knocking down plants, chairs and people only to find out that it was a: (Name Here) has sent you an App request! Here is how you block that application:

On your Facenbook's homepage on the left column click on Apps and Games.

Now, you move your mouse/cursor over the name of whichever app you want to remove. The rectangle should turn light blue and an X should appear in the upper right corner. Click the "X"

After you click the small "X' a new rectangle should appear over the previous one. You then click on "Block (name of app)" Click ok on the popup and Ta-da the magical world of the new Facebook. Now no one can send you app requests from that game and you can still have them as a friend. No more angry people when they find out you deleted them. I just saved your friendship. You're welcome