Re-Writing. Life of an Author....ugh

Some people think that writing doesn't take much work. Truth is it doesn't but its getting it published and finding people to read it that's the hard part. If only I could just write and publish life would be easy, but it's more than that. I need to develop characters, build interesting plots, include drama, a bit of humor. it takes a lot to write a good book. Then afterwards we have to write up query letters and send them to multiple publishers who each have their own submission guidelines. One can easily spend an entire day just submitting manuscripts. The other struggle I have is finding a publisher I can afford. Thomas Nelson, a christian publishers, charges at least $1,000. Having been unemployed for nearly two years $1,000 is out of the question. I barely even have $100. I have found some companies that publish at no cost and pay for upfront like Publish America, but they have been known to scam some authors. Finding a christian publisher just adds salt to the wounds, because my options are very limited. My first two books The Hopeless Christiantic and The Faithless Christiantic are books with Adventist characters. With only two major Adventist publishers (one is a self publisher)I don't have many placed to go. I've tried non adventist publishers, but they were catholic and unless my books lines up with their beliefs, I can't be published by them. It is very stressful for a broke writer to get published. Now after a couple of years and 5 books later I've decided to rewrite all my books. Make them longer. It's a lot of work, but if one wants to become successful, these are the steps needed to take. John Grisham didn't become a best seller by writing 20 page books. Pray for me and keep supporting me. I have many sleepless nights and countless hours ahead of me. I will not rest until I've become a successful author. It's because of all these rewriting that my books prices have lowered. Get them while you can!