Media Monday Book Review Tears of a Hustler

Tears Of A HustlerTears Of A Hustler by Silk White

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Well let me say, I love the title and love the cover, but I couldnt get into the book. Maybe it was the several punctuation and spelling mistakes that I found or the structure of the dialogue (multiple people talked in one paragraph as apposed to everyone having tbeir own line) or maybe all the cursing. I only read the story of Nancy, thats how the book started and thats what I wanted to finish with. I hate being introduced to another story in the next chapter.

The story of Nancy is about a woman in an abusive relationship and ends up in a better one, but with a drug dealer. Interesting story, but I have a problem. Coco, a friend of Nancy's calls her a Christian. That's where the trouble begins for me. Nancy is a single, soon to be mother, worked at some place topless for a couple days, curses, threatens people and even masturbates. About a month later she's already moved in with him and has premarital relations (and we're given a somewhat graphic play by play of it) Now, I don't want to get into a debate in the comments on how a Christian should behave. What they do behind closed doors is between them and God, but if you are going to write about a Christian in a book, I think that they should be portrayed as such. Throughout all of Nancy's troubles not once does she ask God for help. Needless to say she wasn't a Christian at all and Im guessing her friend Coco said it as a joke of sorts. if that's the case the author should have acknowledged that, her actions after carrying the christian title upset me.

Overall I'm rating it a 2 stars because some stuff did interest me, but between Nancy character, the explicit sex activity and other things I had to take away stars. Again books should come with warning labels.

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