Book Review: The Street Lawyer

The Street LawyerThe Street Lawyer by John Grisham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If any book would convince me to be a street lawyer it would be this one. I've seen homeless people and have helped some and well, if I dont find a job soon I may just become one of them!

John is good at writing this lawyer stuff, but he's terrible at romance aha

Anywho I'm in shock I managed to read all 419 pages. Yes I cant even read 5 pages of other books without my A.D.D kicking in. I read two paragraphs and was hooked. This is the second book by John Grisham I have read and enjoyed. I usually ignore and hate bestsellers, but this one was good.

Whats the book about? Short version its a high paid lawyer that escapes death, gets a divorce, helps the poor, drives parents nuts, gets sued and some other stuff. It;s 412 pages read the description :P

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