Wrongfully Accused man finally released from Jail

Ah the ever so popular "you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law."...what? oops a typo, I meant  guilty until proven innocent.

A college football star spent five years on false rape accusations. Proving my point above. His 15 year old classmate at the time accused him of rape. She also sued the school district for $1.5 million for having poor security. Because of her lie (under oath which means nothing these days). An innocent man was jailed, hope of entering the NFL possible vanished, the government wasting lots of money for court duties and wasting lots of time. Lawyers wasting their time and a company lost $1.5 million. If you ask me, she should be the one to go to prison. She admitted she felt guilty five years later on tape, but doesn't want to lose the money.

The laws are set up to protect minors from everything that moves. I get that, but I think the US government are under estimating the intelligence of minors. I'm talking about 13 through 17 year old's not 1-5 year old's. Teenagers can lie, they probably lie more than adults do. Teenagers can think, they can plot, they can plan, they can execute. They are not as innocent as they think they are.

Its like those families you see in movies and TV where the son gets blamed for everything and the daughter gets away with murder. Anytime the daughter does something wrong, she blames her brother and he gets punished instead. He tells his parents that she is lying, but they don't care because she is younger and supposedly can do no wrong. That is how I view cases like this. Here we have a 15 year old girl (the daughter), all she did was scream "rape!" to officials (the parents) and an innocent man (the brother) is jailed. No proof, no evidence, no nothing. Wonderful system isn't it? What happens to the girl? Nothing, she walks away with everything and gets nothing taken away. I think girls who do this should be jailed for atleast one year. Teach them that they cant go around accusing people of rape just for fun. The laws are set up to protect minors from abusive adults, but who protects adults from abusive teenagers?