Is College a waste of time?

Heh college students unemployed? Say it isn't so...well ok not all, but some 50% are. The blame can be placed on multiple things such as the students choice of study, the economy and picky managers.

According to some 1.5 million college graduates with a bachelors degree under the age of 25 are unemployed.

Course of study is very interesting. If you go to college to study something in business, you are more likely to find a job in that field than say, someone studying Creative Writing. Unless you find a job with a magazine publication or become a NY Times Bestseller, there's not much out there. I know a father that is in his 50's and working two jobs day in and day out just to pay for his daughters college education. She is starting art. Yup, he wont be getting that money back anytime soon.

Is it financially smart? The daughter graduates but can't find a job. the father has now lost some, lets say $70,000. Forget that, give me those $70,000, a part time job and an apartment for $600 a month. I'll be set for life. Forget the "American dream." My dream is to not be homeless and hungry.

Picky managers? I think so. Say what you want about the economy, but life has been hard for me way before the economy tanked. Over the course of ten years I must have filled out some 300 job applications. I'm not talking about corporate jobs or government positions. I'm talking about K-mart, Burger King etc. Let me tell you, when you get rejected by McDonalds, its instant depression!

I filled out some 9 job applications last week and everytime I filled one out I kept thinking "This is so stupid." The managers will hire you based on education, experience maybe even references. To me, if I were a manager I only care for how you come dressed to work, problem solving and customer service skills. All things you can not find out on a  job application!

Its like school, the only subject that really matters and can help you in the working world is math. Everything else, let's face it, is useless. Everything that makes a person a success has nothing to do with what is on their resume and job application.

There is a business close to me that has put up their "Now Hiring" sign 3 times in the past year and a half. They might aswell hire me, can I do any worse than the people they've hired in the past?

If you do go to college, now they judge you based on what college you go to! You can never win. As I;ve said before I do not care how many jobs a presidential candidate can create. Unless he comes here and finds me one personally, I'm not voting for nobody!