Abused kids being taken advantaged of

If I can be serious for a minute.
I understand people posting photos to show their OWN support to a cause, but doing it to get attention to ones page? Not so good.

As you see above the guy posts a photo of an injured child. His caption says "abused" but it's impossible to tell. Could be a car accident or a really bad fall down the stairs. Regardless posting a photo like that serves no purpose. As you can see at the bottom of the photo this Chris guy tells people to subscribe to him. Which is a clear indication that he only uploaded the photo in an attempt to get subscribers. I understand all about facebook marketing but this is a disgrace. I have seen many people use photos of disabled children, cancer victims and such to get "likes." It's a cheap way to get attention. inappropriate and very disrespectful to the people in the photos. If I had a child with disability and someone was posting photos of my child for their own personal gain., I'd be beyond upset. Posting the photo does nothing to help my child.

Honestly, Facebook has turned into....I don't even know what, but rant over.