My time at the Wisconsin Seventh day Adventist Youth Rally

I didn't even know what youth rally meant, but my first time ever attending a youth rally of any religion and I actually enjoyed it. I didn't know what to expect and as I always say: "No expectations equals a good time." Yes, while I spent most of the time sitting next to my own shadow, I still had a great time. Here is why:

First we had song service done by a worship team from the University of Andrews (an Adventist College in Michigan) or as I call it "Adventist U" because it seems to be the only college Adventists go to, but I digress. Anywho, the praise team did a wonderful job in leading the songs. A group of three women and two men singing, a male pianist or keyboardist whatever you call them. Two guitarists, some Ricky Ricardo babaloo looking drum thing, I don't know what it's called and two violinists.A good mix of upbeat spiritual songs and great hymns like "In Christ Alone." They set the tone (literally) of the weekend.

The skits were also very well done. Skits done by Jahwi (Jovenes Adventistas Hispanas de Wisconsin) and the Andrews Uni crew. Very funny stuff. Forget the Emmy's or whatever dumb award show was this past Sunday, these guys deserved the real awards. Ever act in front of a live crowd? I have and have left so many puddles of sweat on stage you'd think there was a leak in the plumbing. No room for error. They did a great job and didn't slip up much considering they improvised many times. A job very well done.

If I told my friends that I was going to a Church event they'd say "Oh don't forget your pillow and blanket!" This is a youth rally not a C-span special. I was at this event from 9am til 10pm on only 4 hours sleep and I was entertained. I came back home and tried to watch NBA All star Saturday night and would you believe I fell asleep watching it? Apparently so did everyone in Orlando, but that's another story.

Anywho, the preacher. This really was a special guest. David Solomon Sr. preached his first sermon since his heart transplant.Eleven weeks ago,he could barely walk, here he was lifting up chairs and hopping around like he were my age. My body was hurting just watching him! God bless this man and his family for what they've been through. A tremendous story on faith, family, love and Jesus. He delivered 3 wonderful sermons that weekend that I will never forget. He was fun, energetic and entertaining. I wish him well as he continues to rehab and work through his health issues. As I said on Facebook, he may have a new heart, but still has the old spirit...ok that's not what I said but you get the point.

The night ended with the Gymnastics team from WA (Wisconsin Academy) and AU. No broken bones but I think they were in a hurry to get to heaven because they tried to bounce through the ceiling. Kinda makes you glad they didn't have a ceiling fan ey?  They did well considering the tiny space they had. They did a great job. Its amazing how talented our youth are.

All in all it was a great day. Everyone did their part very well. Over 600 youths attended this event. Was a blessing.

For those that are wondering, no I didn't get any phone numbers. 14 year olds look like 23 year olds and 23 year olds look 14. It's impossible to know who's what, so to play it safe, I spent the day talking to myself!