Look Dope with a Velvet Rope

Very rarely do I think about crowd control, unless there's a discount at DairyQueen for the Strawberry Blizzard.

I've seen barricades at wrestling events and...well that's about it, but I've seen those velvet ropes everywhere and will probably look nice in church. I've been to some churches where once the final prayer is over people bolt out of there as if Jesus were waiting for them outside. I swear you have to crawl over people to get out! I like the white roped, they'll look great at the wedding I'll never have.

I think more places should use these things, but there's too many Latinos waking around, you knwo how we do it. Especially Mexicans, if the border fence didn't stop them I doubt a velvet rope will! In all seriousness, it does control the crowd really well. It's not only a control thing, but also a safety precaution and with so many different kinds and colors it's also decorative.