What's with Colorado Technical University

First ex girlfriends blew up my phone, now its schools. Sad part is: they both only want money!

I, like many of you saw the commercial for Colorado Technical University Online classes. Very well done commercial. I went to their website and requested for more information....that's when my troubles began.

Usually for most colleges, when you request for more information, an email is sent to you or a brochure is mailed out to you. On very rare occasions (actually out of the 12 colleges I have requested information on, CTU would be the first) do the colleges actually call you before you've made a commitment. Some do call, but about once a month. If you do not answer, then they stop calling. CTU does not get the hint and they will not stop calling you until you call in or chat with the school and request that your number be removed.

I decided to chat with a representative. She asked for my number so she could locate it in the system. I gave it to her, then she says she can't find the number in their system. So, a number they've called 17 times in 6 days they can't find? Eventually they found it (through e-mail) Below is a copy of the chat I had with the rep and for safety reasons I have replaced the persons name with the word "Rep". YOU means me.

you: great, why does CTU make so many calls anyways?

Rep: Usually there is a call a different times in order to reach our to our prospective student's various schedules.

Rep: Any other questions at this time?

Note: notice the grammar mistakes? Followed by a question that indicated to me that they did not want to have this conversation.

you: usually, most colleges send out a brochere or an email when a potential student requests for more information. I am a little confused as to why so many calls in so little time

Rep: Sorry you for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Rep: Have a great evening.

you: so you can't answer my question?

Rep: We do not have information to mail.

Rep: Our calls our generated when information is requested.

Rep: We may make a call up to 3 times if the person requesting information can not be reached.

you: well if a person can not be reached, isnt that a sign to call less? I would think with an email and one call a month would be enough

Rep: Sorry you feel that way.

I'm guessing the college doesn't offer "Human Resources" classes because this person responded terribly. I am not the first case. a little web browsing brought me to a site where hundreds of people are complaining about the calls from CTU. Clearly this is a struggling college, you certainly don't see Harvard harassing potential students.

A user on that site said he called the school and asked to speak to someone in charge. After a few kind words the guy told the school that they were border lining harassment. School said they are not because they never leave a message when they call. Umm, scuse me, but when you call every day at 6 am and up to 7 times a day waking people up and disturbing their peace. It's harassment! Tye school also claims that they are not at fault here because the people have requested more information. Requesting for more information and requesting to be harassed aren't the same. I agree that the person agreed to be contacted however, never agreed to be called 7 times in one day. If the person is truly interested than one phone call with a message is all it will take for them to call back. I applaud their efforts but not their methods. It is very unprofessional and a clear sign of desperation. If a school is so desperate for new students that they need to blow up your phone I'd think twice about joining them, makes you wonder what they are teaching in those classes.