Come and be at Become

One thing I've learned this week is that I am terrible with blog titles!

Right well, I have been planning to go to college and live in a dorm for months now and I was thinking about getting a nice little futon for me room to save space. I came across milan euro lounger. Many great Choices. Some look a little too good for a college dorm. Aw heck, I'll skip college and buy myself a room full of futons!

I'm not much of a candle guy, buy with a new futon, you must have the room smelling fresh. With home reflections flameless candles  You can have a romantic dinner or light up a stinky apartment. While candles are not allowed in most college dorms. It's still a nice way to brighten up an apartment or room (pun intended.)

If I go with the beds, being in college I'd have to keep it clean. As a single and lazy guy, I can use the same sheets for 5 years, but  as a single guy I should keep then clean more than anyone. Therefore the 5 oz flannel set twin  collection is a perfect collection. Clearly, I've been loving with females for way too long!