Joseph Kony is a Phony

Did that rhyme? No, well I tried. Actually, I didn't.

Anywho. I was invited to some event on Facebook about making Joseph Kony famous. I was invited by a girl, so naturally I thought it was some girls club trying to make the next Justin Bieber famous. Boy, was I wrong, so very very wrong.....

Kony is the leader of  Lords Resistance Army, which uses violent campaigns to establish a government based on the Ten Commandments in Uganda. He claims to be the spokesperson for God and the Holy Spirit. How does he recruit his soldiers? Well, there's no online application form for that yet. What he does is go to a house, kill the parents and eldest kids and takes the children. Yes, the children are his army (mostly.) The boys are his soldiers and the girls are the sex slaves. On some occasions Kony will let the parents live, to only have their own children return to kill them. (Search the internet for gruesome details)

One of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not kill" and yet Kony is killing and making kids kill people to create a government based on that commandment? See? Told you I'm not the dumbest person on Earth.. God doesn't need anybody to speak for him (anymore) he speaks through the Bible and nowhere in the Bible does it say to kidnap children, turn the girls into sex slaves and turn the boys into killers, but I guess that is why he recruits children, because while his reasons are, lack for a better word, stupid, Adults can live on their own, children can't. therefor they have no choice but to stay with this guy.

The guy has become the next Suddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden (I don't care if I spelled their names wrong. Some people don't deserve spell check) in that he is hiding somewhere. He and his group LRA are hypocrites. They want to (among other things) bring peace and security to Uganda and end violation of human rights. How does that make sense? "We want world peace and to accomplish that goal, we're killing everybody!" Worse than that, they are carrying the Christian name. All jokes aside. The guy needs to be stopped and while I don't agree with the "Make him Famous. Kony 2012" campaign. mainly because it sounds like he's running for president. I respect them for getting the word out there about this guy. No one is talking about him on the news. Apparently, Snooki is more important to the media, but what's more important to you? Show your support