WiFi Must Die Die

You change your pants, change your shirt and if you're like me, you sometimes change your undergarments, but not every change is good. Personally, wifi has ruined my life. Well, ok wifi hasn't. Compaq has.

Back before wifi you had to be connected directly to the router or an extension to the router to get online. It was a hassle. now with wireless you can take your laptop into your bathroom and sit on the toilet for quiet time, but back in the day, it was easier to just move the toilet into your bedroom than move your entire desktop.

Anywho, my laptop is a Compaq and when it comes to connecting to wifi, it is possibly the worse laptop ever! On average, I spend about 30 minutes to 4 hours a day connecting to a router that's 30 feet away. You can bet your slippers I'm not taking this one to college. I do have another laptop, I bought for this very reason and I have an IPOD. Problem with the other laptop is the screen doesn't work and for my IPOD, my fingers don't work. I make so many spelling mistakes most of my Facebook friends have already enrolled me in some 1st grade english classes. It's sad.

This can really get on your nerves if you're in a rush. But anywho, if anyone know show to fix this so i stay connected all day, by all means let me know.