A Toilet is a Boys Bestfriend

Now I've heard it all. Aside from the obsession with toilets, Dustin Kruse is a pretty normal 4 year old.....if you can consider anything a 4 year old does as normal.

He has toy binoculars, gumball machine, toy workbenches,six metric wrenches, a plastic pterodactyl (the flying dinosaur from Jurassic park 3) All of which can be flushed down the toilet and ofcourse the toilet itself.

The family stopped by Kohler Design Center. For the boy it was toilet heaven. He saw the dual-flush toilet - smooth and sleek, with a two-button actuator releasing either a 1.6-gallon or 0.8-gallon flush to accommodate varying circumstances.

"He flushed it," Michele said, "and he's like, 'Mom wouldn't that be great if I could have this? Could you imagine all of the things I could do?'

How many things can you do with a toilet anyways? The only other thing I flush are bills and the occasional career path.

The boy got a free toilet from the company after the mom wrote them a letter asking them if they had a demo of the one he wanted. (how does a demo toilet work anyway? After 3 flushes it stops?) They brought one, on the house, they didn't want the boys dream to be...umm flushed away.

The boy seems to be very intelligent for his age. His obsession isn't with the toilet itself, he seems to be interested in how it works and is built. Still I'd be afraid to live with a child that knows how to work with pipes and plumbing. Can you imagine the pranks he'll pull? April Fools Dad, the toilet is a bidet!

Sigh, this entire blog post has gone down the toilet itself.