Pregnant Moms Pregnant Daughters

That's right a new reality show featuring pregnant moms AND their pregnant daughters! I know what you're thinking and I'll be getting my eyeballs removed so I can never read about this again.

VH1 a network that struggles with ratings from most of their reality shows wants to commit network suicide by doing a show taping a pregnant mom with pregnant daughters. There is all kinds of wrong here. First how will they find these women. Two: reality show will be "My grandson is my own son"! Can you imagine what moms and daughters will do to get on this show?

VH1 Now Casting! Pregnant Mothers Pregnant Daughters. Are you currently pregnant and your DAUGHTER is ALSO expecting? If this is your unique situation, Vh1 and Ellen Rakieten Entertainment want to document your lives! 
Says their casting site

I understand reality shows are cheaper to produce and I understand pregnant females are the trend lately (thanks to the very same network), but we're getting a little bit desperate here aren't we? How about a reality show following the homeless, getting to see their struggle everyday, where they get food and where they sleep. That may get people to actually be kinder to the poor. Yeah, how about a show like that, that lifts ones spirit and not another one that encourages women to get pregnant to be on a VH1 or MTV show?