Media Monday: The Muppets 2011

I love the Muppets, but didn't like this movie too much. Some funny moments sure, but way too much "drama" for a comedy with puppets.

Here we have the Muppets studio abandoned. As usual the characters are all off doing their own thing, like in all the other Muppet movies. Some muppet wants to bring the crew back together because some guy wants to tear down the studio... you should know how the rest goes.

There is a part in the film where the owner shows a contract to Kermit and the crew saying that the show cant go on because he signed all the shows rights over. So names, music and everything else can't be used. However they use them anyways for a major telethon. The guy then spends the rest of the movie trying to physically stop the show....a lawsuit would have stopped it quicker.

The side romance between the two humans was not needed and it took time away from the actual Muppets story.

Anywho, some entertaining moments, but not as good as they could be and I think I'll stick to reviewing books.