The Case of the Exploding Egg

A few days ago I mentioned on my status update on Facebook and Twitter that an egg exploded in my mouth. So, I figured I'd explain how it happened so more of you will understand why I'm dying my hair blonde tomorrow.

A few years ago I heated up some hard boiled eggs in the microwave. If you don't know what happens when you do that, then watch the video to the right. May be funny to watch but not fun to clean.

Anywho, after the microwave incident I cut the eggs in half to prevent the explosion. Well, on this day I was feeling lazy and decided just to lower the heat time and not cut the egg in half. Luckily there was no explosion in the microwave, but something much worse happened.

I enter my room, picked up the egg with my finger and took a big bite out of it. I then hear a loud POP! After the initial shock went away I noticed egg particles on the floor, my tongue and lips felt like they were on fire. It looked like yellow bubble gum had exploded on my face! Scared the begeezez out of me. It would have made an awesome smash hit Youtube video, but I'd rather not do that again. The tingling has yet to leave my gums. From now on, I eat scrambled eggs.

There's the story.