Bewildered with Bejeweled

PopCap has pulled a Myspace on us, by trying to make something better by making it worse.

A few weeks ago I clicked on the Bejeweled 2 icon on my lovely Ipod. I get a pop up saying to download the standalone (and free) Blitz. Needless to say Blitz gave me the pits. (yes, I need new material)

First there is no achievements. You used to have goals to reach, for example you need to get a score of 75,000 points 20 times to reach the Gold star. They had achievements from 25,000 to 500,000 points. It was great. You competed with your Facebook fiends to have the highest score for the week and also to compete on who can complete the achievements first. Amazing isn't it? Yes, it made my meaningless life meaningful. It became the reason why I never got up out of bed. Now, since its removal I have to get up and get a life. I was so content with playing Bejeweled in my bed wearing last months jammies, eating last nights cold pizza. now, I can't have any of that fun anymore.

If you care, the reason they made Blitz a standalone app was to make it greater (and to make Bejeweled a better app as well), by doing the following: New interface, retina display support (two things I know nothing and care nothing about) and dailyspin, where you spin for points which makes players play less. (smart move) Rare Gems are good because they help boost your score, but are otherwise pointless if you already have the high score. According to Popcap they will "continually evolve with a range of new and exciting features" Yea, Im assuming that'll happen around the same time Santa comes down my chimney with a gift wrapped Kim Kardashian. New? Maybe. Exciting? I think not.