Review: Was America Founded As a Christian Nation?

Was America Founded As a Christian Nation?: A Historical IntroductionWas America Founded As a Christian Nation?: A Historical Introduction by John Fea

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Boy, talk about a history lesson. I learned more about Americas history in the past few hours than I did in those 12 years in school! This is a great book if you want to learn about the history of Christianity in the US of A. However, I wasn't looking for a history lesson, I was looking for the answer to the question "Was America Founded as a Christian nation?" The author near the end (in the conclusion) says that its not an answer that can be given a yes or a no. Fine, I'll answer it. Answer is no, but it was referred to as a Christian nation, because most citizens were believers (more or less the A.D.D. version of what I read)

There were so many believers, that the first schoolbooks were Christian related! Yes Christian related.

"American history schoolbooks confirm that authors used providential language to teach students how to be good citizens of a Christian nation.- Pg 9"

There are many quotes from Presidents and other government officials from history mentioning God and a "Christian America". Abraham Lincoln even quoted the Bible in a speech. It's outstanding how much this country cared and focused on God! Now I need to read another book that answers the question: What the heck happened? On page 23 we see how things started to go bad.

It bothers me even more after reading this book how un-believers react to Godly things. I posted an earlier blog about a girl suing a school for having a christian mural and there are other lawsuits that go unnoticed. I keep asking myself "Do these people not know what country they're in?" 6 of the 9 Patriotic songs mention God. While this country may not have been born Christian, it was raised Christian. Stop the complaining and get over it!

Funny isn't it? We first had Creation possibly being taught in schools to now, whatever new "discovery" the non believers come up with being taught. Sad, how far this country has drifted. Anyways the book goes into great great detail of the history of the country, the Christian history. Even talks about the Jefferson Bible, oh that story got me upset, but anyways this is a great book for Christians. Its a long book (some 244 pages) but is a book I feel every christian should have, to know and understand the Christian history the US has. Good stuff.

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