Teen Moms Didn't Think They Could Get Pregnant

Ok, so I was browsing some news app on my Ipod and I came across one that talks about girls and the wonderful researchers that waste time on the obvious.

According to the research, half of the teen girls that got pregnant werent using birth control. Obvious. Here is some number crunching for you math wizes out there. Out of those 50%, 31% didn't think they needed it because they believed they couldn't get pregnant. I guess someone wasn't taught about the birds and the bees.....actually I wasn't even taught about the birds and the bees and I'd rather not know, title sounds gross.

According to the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention, they say girls need factual information about what conditions a girl can get pregnant. You get pregnant during sex, what more facts do you need? (ok in fairness there are "female issues" that can prevent a girl from getting pregnant)

Other girls did give reasons for not using birth control and this is a riot. 24% said their partner didn't want them to use any! Girls, if you think your boyfriend knows more about the female body than you do, you're in deep trouble! Never let a guy run your life, especially one you wont even see in 9 months.

13% said they had trouble getting birth control, 9% said they had side effects from using it (ha, wait til you see the side effects of carrying a baby for 9 months. You'll be popping those pills like they were breath mints.)

22% of the teen girls....hold on to your chair for this one. 22% said they didn't mind getting pregnant! Are they nuts? Look girls, not every pregnant teen gets a spot on MTV's Teen Mom.

Even scarier is that out of all the girls who use condoms...well, whose "guy" used a condom 51% said they didn't always use a condom. That's it. I'm finding myself a virgin. Nowadays you an catch a sexually transmitted disease just by looking at a person. Think about it, if girls do not use protection with every guy they have sex with and with guys being the horn dogs they are, what are the chances of NOT catching something?

According to a report, about 400,000 US teens from ages 15-19 give birth each year! Say what you want about guys being dogs, but they wouldn't be if some girls weren't tossing them a bone.