Thoughts on the Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus Video

Watch the video first.

Here we have this dude, who somewhat ruined my mood due to a video he posted up on Youtube. He talks about religion, he thinks its a waste. Welcome to my blog for the truth you will taste.

He says religion doesn't help the poor. The 7th day Adventists do so much more. They collect offerings every week to send over seas, to protect the people from illness and bad disease. We as individuals can't give the homeless enough money or to save the poor, but a plate of healthy food is the best cure.

He says God hates religion, he's off just a tiny smidgen. He built a church...oh and was a Jew too.

He says religion doesn't get to the core This guy needs to learn a little more. Not every religion is the same. To some its real, to others its a game. Some make you feel guilty and feel the pain. Others say STOP! God forgives you just the same.

I do agree, some christian put on an act.  That's just a pill we gotta swallow weather fiction or fact. Christians arent perfect. I've mentioned it in this blog, but don't let ignorance blind you like a thick fog. Some care only about their religious views on Facebook, only care about their image and how they look, but there are some good people, that still live the good book.

Don’t you see so much better than just following some rules
God tells us to obey his commandments. He has a lot of rules. Religions are like a school,  some are drained and make you feel like a fool. Others can fill you up like pool. That feeling is actually pretty cool.

I agree church is a hospital for the sick, some go in trying to be real slick. Hiding the fact that they made a mistake when truth is their life is full of heartache. But others walk right in, clearly showing their sin, they say they love Jesus and there here to win! They don't sit in a confessional talking to Tim, they get on their knees and talk straight to Him.

He's kind of a hypocrite says hes not judgin, but his entire video is dissing religion but hey, that's just his opinion.

Now relax. Jefferson Belthke, he seems like a good guy. A lot of what he said, even I will buy, he may say things that can make you cry, but he's passing out a towel that isn't quite dry. he says some things that aren't to fly, but some things he says, you should apply.

His hearts in the right spot and he does it with love. I do agree, we should all praise the man above.

If youre tired of the lines and rhymes, read the article below, if you have the time

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