Hospitals Noisy? Say it isn't so

According to a new study done by World Health Organization (W.H.O.? Exactly what I was thinking) They say hospitals are too noisy. Now there's an intelligent research (sarcasm)

According to the "researchers",  noise level shouldn't be over 40 decibels, but they say some hospitals are well over 50 some even reach 80. Dr. Arora from Chicago said "The hospital environment is certainly not a restful environment." Well, I guess that's why they call it a hospital and not a hotel.

The study dealt with 100 patients and the biggest complaint was doctor/nurse conversations. Does this really surprise you? I swear sometimes it seems as if the nurse forgets there's even a patient in the room when a doctor walks by. A tip for nurses: If you want to get a doctors attention, become a patient. You want him for his money and he wants you for yours!

I understand patients are supposed to get some rest, but who can sleep knowing that at any minute they'll show you a $20,000 medical bill just for walking in the ER doors? Yea, they can have all the Helping Hands programs they'd like, but unless those hands have cash in them, their not helping me at all.

They said that generally, patients sleep one hour less at hospitals than they do at homes.
"It could be part of a cycle of: you're sick, you get bad sleep, and you're not able to get better as quickly," Arora said.

Dr. Common Sense adds "It's not so much of not getting better, as it is getting more money from the patient.The longer the patient stays, more money the hospital gets."

Dr. Patrick Hanly said it best "The trouble is, people are generally in the hospital because they're sick, and that itself is going to disrupt their sleep."

That must be the smartest thing I've read in the entire article. A tip... Close the door or get good 8 hours of sleep at home then go to the hospital....hows that for a slow news day?