Review: Goosebumps: Calling All Creeps!

Calling All Creeps! (Goosebumps, #50)Calling All Creeps! by R.L. Stine

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, it's a book alright. Compared to he last book I read this was a riotfest. The story itself seems kinda dumb honestly, but it was well written. Not scary, kind of suspensful. Told in male first person.

I think I found a spelling mistake. Do you know the short word for "microphone"? Anywho, we have Ricky who's tired of being bullied and is out to get revenge on everyone in the school, but when a plan of his backfires, he must save the very same students he was trying to get revenge on <<< now that makes the book sound more interesting than it was. The characters were a bore except for Tasha. Not a bad book, I've read worse. Certainly have read better from RL, but well put together. The story starts off quickly in chapter one. Which is a refreshing change. View all my reviews