Review: Goosebumps: Beware The Snowman

Beware, the Snowman (Goosebumps, #51)Beware, the Snowman by R.L. Stine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book made me realize how much more fun Goosebumps TV show would have been had it been a cartoon (or as their calling it now: "animated series") instead of real actors. The book had more twists than an old pretzel. It was fun. Living in a snowy state during winter, I can relate to all the snow. Everything is connected. In other books I've said to skip the first few chapters as their pretty much meaningless, but for this one every chapter is important in telling the story. We have a girl who moves with her aunt from Chicago to Sherpia (Don't ask me what that is) for the fun of it. Later in the book you find out why. Creepy when every house has the same exact snowman built in their yard.

 A fun read....."He has a heart of cold"? Really? Who comes up with these corny captions?

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