10 More Questions to ask Das Before You Die of Boredom

Since my last post was about as popular as a salad at McDonalds, I have decided to make another one.

1. Have you contributed to any charities?

Actually yes. The name escapes me Something like Christian Children's something. I did check out what is now being called childfun but doesn't look familiar. You may remember the commercial of an old guy with white hair? Anyways, I "sponsored" a child and gave what I could each month to the little child. Eventually I ran out of money and I had to be sponsored! I was just a teenager.

2. If you won a million dollars how would you spend it?

Pay my debts and I'll be lucky to break even! I'd give of course ten percent to a church. Buy myself a new xbox 360 and that's about it. College? ha if I had a million bucks I'd just get a part time job, a small apartment and save the money. Kidding, I'd go to college mainly to make my girlfriend proud. No one would buy the "My fiance works at Taco Bell cleaning, but he has a million bucks in his bank." story.

3. What are your thoughts on TV shows from your childhood to whats shown now?

I've said this before the 1990's were the best years ever. We went from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Jersey Shore? Mama's Family to Bad Girls Club? Home Alone to Twilight? Need I say more? Everything not just TV has changed. I've seen people post about it on Facebook. How our generation used to go outside to play not to deal drugs. We are what I call the "Energeration" The generation that used up their energy to play outdoor games not sit inside playing WII, PS2 and Xbox 360's.

4. What makes a good person?

Someone who always smiles, greets you, doesn't spread rumors, good manners, good sense of humor, doesn't get easily offended, willing to help you, patient, understanding.....on this planet? ha yeah right,

5. Have you ever changed religions?

No and I don't plan to. I have never been a fan of the whole "I want to find a church that agrees with me" mentality. I strongly believe that if you are in a church or religion that doesn't ask you to change than something is wrong. God loves us but I don't believe he accepts us the way we are. We are to become better people and continue to improve ourselves if we are to be accepted into his kingdom.

6. What do you want people to remember about you?

My humor. My energy. I'm a jokester. I want to be the kind of person that when he leaves a school, church or a social network you can tell he's gone, because of how boring things are. That person that could make you smile when you were down and am glad to know that some people see me as that already.

7. What make you proud or doesn't make you proud of your gender?

I'm actually embarrassed for my gender. Their attitudes, style of clothing, ways of talking, language and of course their treatment of women, employees ect. We all know that not all guys are like that and I agree. I'm not, but sheesh. I say the good guys are like the good girls, their stuck on some island so the bad ones can rule the world.

8. How important is physical appearance been to your life?

Not as important as it's been to other people. I do the best I can. I dress the best I can when I go out. I am a suit and tie kind of guy and I believe appearance is very important (depending on where you're going), but isn't something we should judge people by.

9. What matters most in life?

Our relationship with Christ. If you have a good strong relationship with Christ, everything else falls into place.

10. What is a typical day in your life?

Hmm, wake up,eat, study bible, eat, shower, eat, Facebook, eat, get deleted by someone on facebook, eat, read, eat, music, eat, talk to colleges, eat, watch tv, eat than sleep. A routine, but I like it.