Facebook: Where Christians Forget who they are

This was originally going to be a video blog, but as luck would have it, my mic doesn't want to cooperate.

In some religions, you are baptized at any age you feel you are ready. At an age where you know what a baptism actually is, where you understand what it means to be a Christian. When you are ready to put God first in your life. Prepared to defend God and represnt God in the best way possible. Before you are baptized you are given an agreement. An agreement to do those very things. Everyone agrees. The next night their at a friends house smoking and drinking and making out with everything with two legs at a party and their telling you all about it on Facebook. Completely forgetting that they have an image to uphold.

I see people talking about drugs, sex, talking about cutting, cursing and by people I mean people ages 12-30. This issue is mostly with the teens. I see some of the teens I know saying all these twisted things. I go to their page and there is no mention of God or a relgion on their info page. It disapoints me, but I'm glad they don't mention God on their page. If they are going to talk like that and say those crazy things than it's best if they don't mention God at all. Thats not being harsh, thats being real. That kind of language and behavior insults the church and insults God.

I have 33 people blocked, most of which are Christians and most are female. Why, why are they mostly Christians? Aren't they supposed to be the most patient, the most forgiving, the least judgemental? Yea, their supposed to be, but their not. Their not bad people because their Christians, their bad people because their human, but they shouldnt carry the Christian label if they are going to act like (insert your own word here)

I also see people post about watching movies on Sabbath, going shopping on Sabbath and taking school tests on Sabbath. Now, I dont care what day you think the Sabbath is on, whats important is what you do on it, if you dont make it holy and dedicate it to God than its completely pointless. They say in the future that we will be forced to work or go to school on Saturdays. Forget the future, we're getting a preview of that right now! I was told to take tests on Saturdays for my schools, but I never went, my mother wouldn't allow it. She talked to the school and got them to change the test date. I'm glad she did, she's one of the very few Christians that do that.

Thanks to Facebook you read about some christians skipping church to take tests and now, appearently there is a graduation ceremony for every grade level. When the youth should be in youth services on friday nights worshipping God and thanking God for helping them graduate, they are in school celebrating with their friends. Congratulations you passed ONE grade level in school, but failed in church!

I read about Muslims defending their religious freedom and rights. Rights to worship their God, rights to build a worship building, rights for this and rights for that. They fight for their rights. Meanwhile where are the Christians? Their hiding behind a bush. Too afraid to defend their God and their rights. Boss says "Come in on Saturday." "Yes master anything you say." principle says to student, "Come in on Saturday to take some tests." "Yes master whatever you say." Where are the people God called? Where are the people that said they would put God first in heir life on their baptism day? Sure go to school get that diploma, sure go to work and get that money. Sure store up all the treasures on earth, but as God said in the Bible its not going into the kingdom of heaven with you.

I've been called annoying by many girls. I ask them why, they say its because I comment on all their statuses. You go to their page and you will see 15 status updates on their wall. I replied to only 3. There, they just voilated commandment 9 (don't know what Commandment 9 is? Look for it, open the Bible. In Deuteronomy 20 Read the entire chapter until you find it ha)

I'm not annoying. truth is they just dont like me. Question is now why not? I'm very respectful, I never argue, I never curse, I'm always in a good mood. I dont make inappropriatte sexual comments. So how can they not like me? Easy 1. They dont think im cute and you shouldnt be surprised by how rude people are to the unarractive people. Its not new and not just Christians, its everybody, it starts in the first grade and is with you through life, people just treat you like crap if you're ugly. Thats just how ignorant people are. And 2. They just dont know me. The confidence isnt there. It seems alot of people are not allowed to find you funny unless they know you really well. I guess these people are not allowed to watch comedy movies unless they know the actors personally? Again sheer ignorance. I remember hearing a group of Christians talk about a friend of theirs. They said how caring he was. If he saw you for the first time, he'd hug you and treat you like a brother. he didn't care if you were a stranger, to him you were his brother in Christ. A lot of the younger and even older people don;t understand that mentality

Am I the problem? No, Im not, but maybe I am, maybe I was just born in the wrong time. Maybe I should have been born during the bible days, where people believe in God and actually acted like they believed in God.

I dont like to see peoples religious flaws. Because no one asks for help. Everyone has doubts and I can promise you these youth have doubts and questions, but they don't ask anyone. Just keep these statuses to yourselves on Facebook.

We need to learn Facebook ettiqute and we must learn to Chistianize our facebook page. Control your anger, respect people, dont be so judgemental and stop making false accusations and stop playing favorites, you know the "I'll only reply to people I like" thing? Yea that has to stop too.