10 Question to Ask Das Before You Die of Boredom

Because the book "300 Questions to ask your Parents" completely fooled me and was not what I expected. I decided to make the book useful and take some questions myself. Some serious, some not.

1. What was your neighborhood like growing up?

It was like living in the quiet side of the ghetto. If the ghetto had a quiet side to the ghetto that would be it. Not as ghetto as the ghetto side of the ghetto, but still ghetto. Some policemen, to save the trouble of driving back and forth, camped out across the street.

2. How has society changed since you were a youth?

Oh, society changes itself more than I change myself! It's disgusting how people follow the latest trends. People say all the time how they are being themselves, yet their no different than the person behind them. Attitudes, mentality, clothes and now even words and phrases like "It is what it is" is being used by everyone. They say kids are like sponges because they observe everything. I guess that makes teens and adults like mops because they're just as copycatish as kids are. Personally, I am more like a rake, I leave behind more than I pick up!

3. What are your view on alcohol and drugs. Did you use them growing up?

Never have and never will. I've heard so many stories of pregnant moms drinking while pregnant that when she breast fed her child beer came out (hilarious wasn't it?) Drinking and drugs are a trend that will never die. People want to do it cuz its the new "cool" thing to do, then their hooked and say "I like it." I hate beer most of all. Any formula or chemical that can have that much control and power over your body obviously is not good for you and we know the effects that it has on the body short and long term. Apple Juice is my liquor.

4. Describe a time when you had to show a lot of courage in your youth.

Saying I'm a christian takes a lot of courage After the Columbine girl that was killed for admitting to being a Christian (speculation) everyone's been hush hush about it. Admitting to your friends that you don't do or say the things they do or say because you are a Christian takes a lot of courage. Youth today get baptized Saturday night (or Sunday) and they deny Gods existence in school Monday morning. They have no courage to stand up for what they believe in. Oh, but they will defend Justin Bieber to the ends of the earth but God? No, cuz God is not "trending" God is not what their friends are into. Again no courage.

5. How did you go about selecting your friends?

Who said I had/have any? I like to keep it small. More friends you have, more drama that's in your life. If I had the option of having 100 friends or 0, I'd choose 0. In school I never chose my friends. I was more like forced to hang out with people I didn't like for the sake of not being a loner.

6. What tips can you offer for getting a job?

Tip? Ok, offer to give them half your paycheck! I've filled out applications for every business in the northern part of the country and I only got hired by 3 and those three because a friend knew the manager. I guess that's my advice to you. Get connections.

7. Would you have done anything different on your wedding day?

Yea, marry someone else! (I'm not married so I can say that.)

8. What were the hardest choices you had to make?

Recently choosing to leave home to go to a college two states away. Imagine, the guy that most hated school is now going to live in one! Many people may not know this but choosing NOT to pursue a certain girl is hard. You think she is good for you, but when you realize you arent good for her, it's a hard pill to swallow.

9. If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

Where have you been? http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/11948087-the-hopeless-christiantic

10. What Kind of Friend have you been?

A great one! ha Many will disagree, but if they do then what kind of friend are they?