Book Review Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story (WWE)

Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story (WWE)Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story by Shawn Michaels

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A great book. One of my favorite wrestlers ever from the 1990's. I was a fan of all fans. I would dance to his music, collect magazine covers. I loved his ring gear, music, attitude and humor (especially in DX) I've watched several of his DVD's but this is the first time I read his book. I learned a lot about HBK. One can argue that he is still cocky in this book, but one can not deny what he does in the ring. The fact that he put John Cena over...many times is a reason to be a fan. he jobbed to some who he shouldn't have.

Anyways some great insight into his life and how things got started in WWE how he first met many of his buddies, the formation of factions, issues with Marty. Drugs, the parties. Everything is told through Shawns eyes and he takes his time writing it giving us a detailed story. And then there's Bret Hart. After years I was finally able to hear the real story of what happened in Montreal. I felt the stress of Shawn getting to me. Much credit to him, I could never have lived with the guilt.

There is a quote in this book that couldn't be any more truer and showed me that hey Shawn really does know the business and what's going on today: "That's one of the problems with the business now, we put titles on guys hopping that it's going to get them over. You need to get over first, than get the title." The IC title has lost its meaning because it never gets defended, same with the US title. They slap the belt on someone for months and months but never have the defend it, in hopes that the belt will get the individual over. it fails.

I really liked his transformation into a Christian. I could tell he was different when he returned in the mid 2000's He really did act like a new born person. And I am glad. you look at the long list of wrestlers lives that drugs have taken, Shawn could have been one of them hadn't God brought his wife into his life and prayed so much for him.

"..Continue praying to the lord and talking to him. reading his word and letting him talk to you. You can't have a relationship with somebody once a week at church. it's an everyday thing.."

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