The 1990's. Best Century Ever?

It's no secret kids and teens today are spoiled rotten. (Actually I think spoiled bread looks better.) They have all the best things and many handed to them as soon as they pop out of the maternity section of hospitals. So how can the 1990's be the best if we had nothing? That's why, we had nothing and I must say its because we had nothing that friendships and relationships lasted longer.

Computers: NO FACEBOOK! The 1990's, where friendships were made and lost in the backyard not on cyberspace. Where your girlfriend would check your locker not your Facebook. When floppy disks were invented instead of flash drives. When viruses were not an issue just annoying kids in school messing with your computer keys. Apple computers where in every computer room. Oregon Trail was the "must play" game in school (earlier years). Where underage drinking was not displayed to the world through social networks.

Board games: When students fought over playing cards, battleship, Checkers, Monopoly. Sorry, Mousetrap, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Connect Four etc. It was also a great way to spend quality time with the family and friends. For teens? Now it's Beerpong. Teens went from sitting still and spinning a bottle to the bottle being still and them spinning!

Clothes: Where girls actually wore pants that fit. Where guys actually wore their pants up (early 90's) When school was not a fashion expo.

Telephones: No speed dial, just slow dial. No cell phones, the ones that did exist were about the size of a 12 inch sub sandwich. The 1990's where calling someone across the street was long distance.

Television: Where shows actually meant something and weren't just about ratings. Shows like Full House. The Cosby's gave out bueatiful messages to kids and teens watching. Where the classics like Dick Van Dyke, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Saved by the Bell, I Love Lucy and Three Stooges dominated the "family networks". When we only had 100 channels (and not all worked)Where soap operas were popular instead of reality shows.

Outdoors: Where kids and teens actually spent time outdoors, playing tag, hide n seek, kickball and any outdoor sport. And they hid because it was part of the game, not to hide from police.

Reading: Goosebumps, The Babysitters Club, Charlotte's Web. The 1990's the generation that loved to read books not beer bottles.

The 1990's where gas was only $1, where the government actually gave out disability checks to those who couldn't work as appose to those that are almost dead. Where you had to actually go to a friends house to play video games or to talk. It was no doubt the generation to have fun, the safe way! In my opinion the best century ever!