Review: Goosebumps: A Shocker on Shock Street

A Shocker on Shock Street (Goosebumps, #35)A Shocker on Shock Street by R.L. Stine

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I love books about haunted houses and things of that nature. While I love reading about them, I can't be in them. I'm about 3 scares away from a heart attack. Anyways, the book sounds dumb and the cover looks like a movie cover for Starship Troopers V, but it was actually pretty good. You have two kids who get to be the first kids to test out a horror ride or a tour ride of Shocker Studios. They get to see every scene from movies in the studio, but it comes to life! Now that would be fun.....and it was a fun read up guessed it: The ending. It ruined the book for me. I can't understand how a creative genius like R.L. can screw up an entire book with one chapter! Luckily it was the final chapter. I did not like how the book began however. The first chapter was about the kids being scared of something, we don't really know what about. Than chapter two cancels out chapter one completely. Chapter One should be an intro to the story and while we do get to familiarize ourselves with the Shocker films. It didn't have to be done that way and take up 4 pages. Might as well skip to chapter two and start reading from there. Erin gives you an explanation of the Shocker films, making chapter one completely pointless. Mix that with the final chapter and it just doesn't make any sense. In fact after reading the final chapter the first 3 and a half chapters are pointless! Anywho, you read it, I did like the book as I read it, but as I review it, I must be honest, I enjoyed chapters 4-28, the rest I could do without. You can actually skip the first 3 chapters and the last and still enjoy the book. Make up your own ending.

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