Book Reviews: Your Best Life Now

Your Best Life NowYour Best Life Now by Joel Osteen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My only negative comment to this is that everything in this book is from his sermons. If you've heard his sermons than you wont find anything new in this book, but it's still great stuff. His sermons/chapters are about living a better life with Jesus, finding happiness with Jesus, how to include Jesus in your life and how to enjoy life Jesus' way. The way sermons should be. Very inspirational. This book actually inspired me to start writing. My first manuscript was a preachy type book like this one, but somehow it fell into the paper shredder while I was sleeping.

It's amazing how God uses someone. Here we have a guy who did not want to preach at all ever. God called him one day, he answered and look at what has become of him and what he has done. Makes you wonder what God can do with you once you answer his call.

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