Review: The Encounter: Sometimes God Has to Intervene

The Encounter: Sometimes God Has to InterveneThe Encounter: Sometimes God Has to Intervene by Stephen Arterburn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I discovered something while reading this book: I am part female, well my heart. No, not true, some women can be heartless. I guess, I've been blessed (or cursed) with a good heart. This book was really good and unique. One chapter was in male first person as we follow John as he tries to locate his mother who left him as a child. The next chapter is in third person as we are told what his mother is doing to find him. I never expected to read what happened. I predicted my own ending, but was glad when I was wrong. The ending was good and done really well, not your typical "run into mothers arms" ending. You also have a little romance going. Its funny how easy romances happen in books. I've been beating my head against dead horses...wait, that's not how the saying goes is it? Anyways, its a good book dealing with pain, resentment, forgiveness and trust.

My only problem is that it's not that religious. Yes, they do mention God many times, but nobody prays for the guidance of God. It's not centered around God, but they mention God just enough for me to give it a 5 star rating. Really, that's just a dumb critique, the book is fine. Great discussion questions at the end as well. A touching story.

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