Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover

I said this on Facebook: "People are a lot like books. You shouldn't judge them by looks, judge by title or even condition. If you take the time to see whats inside, you may discover something great."

I want to take it one step further. Don't judge a book by it's table of contents either. Of course I'm referring to first impressions. The table of contents should be the first thing you read about the book and it gives you an idea of what the book may be about. A chapter title is a mini description of what the chapter is about. As an author myself, coming up with chapter titles has been one of the hardest things to do, mainly because I have no idea what my chapters are about! If you've read The Hopeless Christiantic, you know my chapters have a lot going on, so it's hard to choose a title.

Anywho, some people read titles and say to themselves 'is this what the chapter is about? Sounds boring. I'll skip it." Before getting to know the book, before even reading it you've formed an opinion and assume the chapter is boring, but once you start reading it, you discover how entertaining it really is and start to think, despite the dumb preview you got, the book is pretty good.

First impressions are the chapter titles, it is a preview of how the person is. It may be boring, dull or super lameo, but just like the book, if you give them a chance, you may be surprised by how awesome they really are. Kinda like me ha

Someone told me that a rumor is like the preface of a person. I disagree, because a rumor is 80% lies and 20% truth. You are told mostly made up or exaggerated things about the person. Besides, I hate rumors and I don't care for them.

We know fried food, junk food, sodas ect are bad for our health, but we still eat/drink them right? Than why is it when we hear something bad about a person, we no longer want to talk to them? Why is it when friends and family tell you the person you're dating is no good for you, you refuse to dump them? I'll tell you why, it's because you know them and like them. You've known your boyfriend or girlfriend for a while and like them, no matter what bad thing people say about them, you'll never leave them. No matter what bad thing people say about food, you'll still eat them because you like it. When you know something or someone and like it, no one can tell you to let it go, but when you don't know someone and you hear bad things about them, you want nothing to do with them. Hence why I hate reading book reviews. I read them after I've read the book. Negative feedback influences your decisions, while positive ones have no effect.

Bottomline is this: Forget the Ugly cover and bad table of contents, get to know the person. Just like food, you never know how good they are until you've given them a try. Ever had Chinese food? Nuff said.