Review: Why Men Hate Going to Church

Why Men Hate Going to ChurchWhy Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow

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Before I get into the actual review. I'd like to remind people that there are other Christian religions such as the 7th Day Adventist, that do NOT worship on Sundays, but on Saturday mornings. The author researched many other religions and mentions them in the book except the SDA's. Now, as I said I am an unbiased reviewer so I will not lower the rating of this book because of that, but I thought I should point that out. We do exist people.

For years I have asked myself that very question "Why do men refuse to go to church"? And I have had many answers, from lack of faith to their just plain lazy, but this book made me realize how far off I was. Being a guy myself I can relate to alot of the things David mentions. Like men disliking holding hands with other men in a prayer circle or the dress code. Let me tell you, there have been times where I did not go to church because I didn't know what to wear. If the church wasn't so obsessed with suit and ties, I would go in jeans and t-shirt anytime. As David mentioned in some church soon as they dropped the suit and tie gimmick, male attendance nearly tripled! Which is insulting to us guys when you think about it. Girls take 7 hours to get ready for church and guys can't even take 10 minutes to get fancied up? Now that is sad.

As I read this book I thought about my church and other churches I've visited. I realized that all Christian religions have two things in common: Worship the same God and we have the same type of people. A Church dominated by women and men who hate being there. I could pull 5 sermons out of this book and preach it in several churches. or even at a Men's Ministry retreat which no one goes to for the reasons David mentions in this book!

A Book filled with lots of facts and figures. I didn't even need to read his sources, because I can see the facts in my life. For example: 7 out of 10 boys raised in church will leave as adults. I believe it, because I'm one of the 3 that stayed. I like how he took his time and did research for the book and didn't just use common sense (as we know common sense doesn't fly anymore these days) he had facts to confirm the obvious.

It takes 223 pages to answer the question, but it answered it well, showing people the truth on why many men hate going to church and showing how women have "owned" us in church leadership. A really good read in my opinion.

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