Review: Life, In Spite of Me

Life in Spite of MeLife in Spite of Me by Kristen J Anderson

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"I'm in the hopsital, can you come do my hair and makeup?"

That part cracks me up. Here you have a girl with two missing legs, laying practically on her death bed and all she cares about is her makeup and hair? No matter where a girl is at, she has to look pretty. Just like a girl. When us guys get ugly, we stay ugly! Seriously, this book is great. At first, when I started reading, our stories sounded very similar, but realized they weren't. However, the advice she gave through her struggles can and should be applied to our lives regardless of what we've been through. I've only read two bios. Micheal Jordan's and this one. I don't like Bios, but I made it a mission to finish this book in one day. I was up at 7am reading it. I did nothing else. To save time I am writing this review as I shower!

Anyways I had to Facebook stalk her to find out if this was a true story. Half way through the book I stopped, I couldn't read more unless I knew if she really was in a wheel chair. I found out she was and that helped me read the rest of the book. An amazing story and only a story God can create. She did not shut God out. You shouldn't either, don't wait til God cuts a limb off for you to start dedicating your life to him. I've been saved from death 4 times, but if I don't step up my religious game I'll be giving my life away. I thank Kristen for writing this and giving me a wake up call. Just unfortunate that she has the same name as a character in my book (The Hopeless Christiantic)That Kristen is nothing like this one...yet. A wonderful story. A good book for Christian readers and for tens who have thought about suicide.

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