Ebay Buyer Scam

I learned something today. Ebay has a protection plan to protect its buyers from sellers, but have nothing to protect its sellers from buyers.

Today some guy opened a case against me (and pay attention cuz I may pull this trick on YOU someday) I had an auction going of 23 dvds, he is claiming to only have received 10 out of 23 dvd's. This is why McDonalds never tells you how many fries you'll get. He opened up a case saying I lied, that the items were not as described yada yada yada. I called Ebay and told them "Hold up, I may not have graduated high school or finished college, but I know when someone's trying to pull a fast one on me." This ingrate has no proof that he only received 10 dvds. Its impossible to prove something like that even if you have the FBI search our houses. The DVD's might not even be at home, could be in a car, locker or friends house. Search warrant? Not gonna work. Long story short he actually won the case! However Ebay said since it was not my fault I do not have to pay him back. Thats great, see, with God even when you lose, you win! But I guess this guy has more faith than I do, because not only did he get a full refund but hes probably laying on the couch as we speak watching all 23 DVD's! Ha he got a full refund despite having received 10 dvds. Ebay was complaining to me on the phone how it was a loss for them. Aha Who told them to give the guy a full refund? He did infact admit to having 10 dvds, they should have given him partial refund. I may have failed in math but I passed "Common Sense 101"

This is what I call abuse of eBay Buyer Protection Plan. The program is supposed to do just this, protect buyers from sellers who don't describe their items well or ship the wrong item. But, like many other things, it has its flaws. Anyone can open up a case and might just win. So what I might do is, go back and open up a case against every item I bought on Ebay within the last 45 days and report it as "item not as described." and get my full refund! Thats one way to get things for free.

It's a good program, however it can be easily abused. I told Ebay that since they gave the guy a full refund I want my movies back. I don't care if its 10, 23 or 5,000 if the guy is getting a refund I want my stuff back and since he just got a refund, he can pay to ship it himself. That way he'd still have 13 dvds instead of 23. Yeah no biggie, but still, dude is trying to pull a scam on me. I guess this is a warning to everyone. If you sell a lot of anything, be prepared to get scammers like this.

Update: I contacted Ebay to discuss this issue and they will (according to the rep) discuss it in a future meeting. My suggestion: To put in fine print that the Buyer Protection Plan be only applied to one item being sold, not a group of items. As you saw anyone can lie about not receiving the entire collection.

How do I know the person that reported me was lying? I can't confirm it but a few of things made me suspicious:

1. He demanded a full refund. He didn't request or ask for a refund or try to help me find a way to solve the problem. He didn't take photos of the box so I can see if its been re-tapped, he didn't even tell me which 10 dvd's he did receive! Bottomline is, he wasn't trying to solve the problem or find an explanation. He demanded a full refund right off the bat.

2. Demanding a full refund despite receiving 10 items. He did infact receive part of the listed items so demanding for a full refund instead of a partial refund raised my curiosity.

3. Threats. he said if I did not give him a full refund, he would report me to Ebay.

Add all 3 things together wouldn't you suspect him of running a scam? I am very suspicious of everyone on ebay. it isn't until they leave me positive feedback that I can finally relax and deposit the money into my bank account. You just never know who is setting you up. Hmm too bad I don't work for the police department. I do have his address, we could bust into his house on a search warrant and look for those 23 dvd's! Bet we'd find them laying next to last weeks leftover pizza.