Christians are people too

Have you ever noticed how when a Christian who is active in church does something bad how everyones jaw drops so far to the ground you could drive a semi truck into it? I keep telling people that, while we are Christians we are not saints. We still live on earth and still deal with everyday problems. It always makes me laugh when people say "Wow, I never expected him/her to do that." What did you expect them to do? Wear a halo and wings? Everyone has skeletons in their closet (if you're like me, you are the skeleton!)

We strive to become good people, deep down inside we are all good people (some are deeper down than others.) We try to be like Jesus, but as much as we try, we fail. God doesn't want perfect people and doesn't expect us to be, he asks that we try our best. Gee, I wish other people would be satisfied with us trying our best. Think about it. (for males) Many girls don't want you to try you best to impress them, they want you to be yourself...the respectful way of saying "you're never going to have me so stop trying!" At work, you wont get a promotion for trying your best, you'll only get ahead if you are the best. Not God, he wants us to try and appreciates it when we do.

When someone christian has a child out of wedlock, most people think "wow I can't believe they did that." I think "wow, I can't believe it took them this long!" This world is so corrupted that nothing shocks me anymore and shouldn't shock you either. Just because their Christians doesn't mean they don't face temptation. Doesn't mean they don't struggle, doesn't mean they don't stress or deal with personal problems and doesn't mean that we don't do stupid things we regret. I did things ten years ago that I regret, heck I did things 10 days ago that I regret! We all do or have done things that we are ashamed of, that we hope no one finds out and when someone does find out. You just want to disappear, or at least make that person disappear to keep them from telling others....which is another pet peeve of mine. They do not know your life and all the problems you go through so how is telling your family or friends a bad secret you struggle with helpful? It only embarrassed us and made us feel 10 thousand times worse.

"Well David, you think the worse of people, that's why nothing shocks you." That or I'm prepared for the worse.Its just like college. Walking into those doors and taking classes doesn't mean you are automatically a success, you still have to go out and face the world and work at it to become a success.  I see church the same way. Going to church and getting baptized doesn't automatically make you an angel or a saint, you have to face the world and work on it. Should Christians be good people? Yes. Can they be good people? Yes. Are they all good people? No, bottomline is: they are still people and as humans they will do bad things weather small or large. I really hate it when people use the "Christian card" you know the "Well as a Christian you shouldn't be doing that or acting like that" card. That just shows how little that person knows about life and people. Again how do they expect Christian to behave?  It's like a religious stereotype. I know a woman who is spiritually strong. Shows up to church everyday and sits in the front. Loves telling others about God and working with the church, but she is very judgmental.There are others who are not judgmental at all, but have flaws in other areas. As Christians we are to recognize these flaws and improve on them.

I'm sorry if this blog seems out of the norm for me, but I am tired of having people complain about the things I do. I am under a tremendous amount of stress and on top of it I carry the pressure of maintaining my Christianity while others judge me and ruin my life. Heh now I know why Santa lives in the North pole.....its away from the public! No one to bother him but the elvs, but you can't tell me that even Santa is jolly all year long.