How to get back into Reading

When I was in school, I was a reading beast! During reading time in class, we would go to the school bookstore and pick out books to read. I used to run, push people to the side, shove them into lockers, crawl, kick, punch whatever it took to get to the books first, I did. Goosebumps books were the most popular books back then. But what happened? Mid school life, I stopped reading.

Why did I stop reading for 14 years after feeling so passionate about it? Simple, technology kicked my butt! I knew the entire lineup for Nickelodeon/Nick at Night (ahh, the good old days of television.) I could tell you all the names of the shows for the next 24 hours on that station, yet I couldn't tell you what the first five chapters were of the Bible. That's how bad I was. However, at the time there were better shows on TV like Full House and Family Matters, which gave you beautiful life lessons. Add other great shows like: I Love Lucy, Rugrats, Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke, Three Stooges, Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Muppet Show, Garfield & Friends, The Jetsons, Flinstones and many more. My Mother could leave me alone on a Thursday night and know I was watching something good. You leave teens today alone on a Thursday night at home and what are they watching? Jersey Shore. Doesn't have the same impact on their lives as Full House would. Now now before the millions of Jersey Shore fans come knocking on my door, I did watch Jersey Shore's first season, but at the start of the second I asked myself why? The show is doing nothing to better my life or improve my mind. Anyways that's getting away from the point.

Then the Internet became popular. Between that and TV forget about it. I stopped reading everything even the words on my clothes. It's like getting so involved in worldy activities that it pulls you away from church. I got so involved with technology that it pulled me away from reading.

How did I get back into reading? Well, choosing to stop watching unimportant shows was a good start. Now I have freed up 30 minutes to 9 hours of my day! Now I have time to read, study Bible, lesson etc.Sounds simple, but when you start reading that first sentence, in come the burning eyes, the sleepy feeling and ADD kicks into overdrive. What I did was start off reading with books that interested me. Goosebumps was a series that I really enjoyed as a kid and now as an adult I plan to read all 62 original Goosebumps books. In two months I have already read 23! Once I finish with those I'll read other books. I still get sleepy when I read but its like working out. The more you do it, the less tired you feel. I had  a friend who read the Twilight books in like a week, someone who claimed she hated to read, but she found a book that interested her. But she shouldn't stop there. She clearly has an interest in science fiction. She should read more books similar to Twilight (and trust me there are many) then slowly make her way to other genres.

Reading is not boring. It's the books you choose to read that are boring. It's the mentality you have going into reading that makes it boring as well. Remember, reading is like exercise for your brain, it keeps it active and healthy.Exercise can be boring, trust me, I fall asleep after three pushups, But that's why you have to find a sport that interest you, so exercise wont be boring. You should find a book genre that doesn't bore you either.

My Book "The Hopeless Christiantic" was written for people who hate to read. It's short yet very entertaining. I suggest and recommend you start reading with that one ha.