Boy Mails God a Letter

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The boy (who's name will not be released) sent a letter using the United States Postal Service to God. Through USPS? I hope he didn't send it in a box or they'll return it or wrong label (long story.) Anyways the business size envelope had the name "God" written on it. No stamp on it either or return address, smart kid, he avoided being stalked by the mailman.

The letter was written in green crayon that said:

"Dear God, I am feeling bad about my ankle. I hope you are doing good. Please help my parents get back together."

I don't know what is sadder. The kid asking God to bring his parents back together or the fact that he thinks God works for the Post Office. Regardless, you have to feel for the boy. He must be in alot of pain if he goes through the trouble of mailing a letter to God. Dealing with divorced parents is heartbreaking for anybody, but isn't new to Wisconsin, which is where the letter was. According to their state vital records office, there were 17,246 divorces in 2010.

I started to read the comments on jsonline website and I stopped at the first 3. Say what you want about Christians, but non-believers do not waste time in bashing God. Its disgraceful. Here you have a kid maybe 6 years of age, in so much pain for his separated parents and his broken ankle that he asks God for help. When someone is that sad, you shouldn't make things worse by making disrespectful comments or comments that make a person lose all kinds of hope. I hope God does bring this kids parents together, if not, then I hope God can help him cope with it.