The Hopeless Giveaway

Alrighty then. Welcome to my first ever Giveaway! On blogger that is. It is for the E-Book (or physical copy) version of my first book The Hopeless Christiantic. Here is a little bit about the book:

Das, a single Christian teenager from high school tries to pursue love with a very attractive new girl who transferred mid year, but faces lots of problems when his best friend, the biggest player in the school intervenes and pursues her as well. Who will win the new girls heart? Rumors run ramped and all friendship is lost when these two young men battle it out for the love of the popular new girl.

Meanwhile, Das' pesky neighbor (Stephanie) tries to persuade Das into going out with her sister (Jessica). What started off as a favor to Stephanie turned into blackmail when things start to go sour between Das and Jessica.

With drama lurking every where he turns. What will Das do and who will he turn to for help to escape it and yet still find that one true love?

Since I can't seem to figure out Here is how I will score this.

1 point for "liking" my author page >>

1 point for following me on Twitter >>!/PrincDassyFresh
Please mention me in a tweet so I know you followed me.

1 point for following this blog

and 1 point for every comment you post on this blog/site (no spamming, your comment must be relevant to the blog post)

5,000 Bonus Points. If you over 20, female, single and are willing to go on a date with me! :D

If there is a tie then the names of those tied will be placed in a drawing, the winner will be picked at random. See? Couldn't be easier!

Please fill out the form below to confirm the above.

NOTE: If you leave comments do NOT leave comments as anonymous. Choose an option where I can identify you or else I can not give you the points.

Giveaway ends Oct 9th. Also note that the "submit" button is cut off. Simply hit "enter" on your keyboard to submit the form.