Facebook Friday: 11 Year old Banned from Scoring Touchdowns

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Demias Jimerson is so dominant in Football that the league has banned him from scoring! before you get all crazy, the rule is only enforced after he scores 3 times and his team is up by 14 points.

Their trying to enforce the art of competition. Which I get, but telling someone they can't score is terrible. It's Like telling Kobe Bryant that after scoring 4 baskets in a row, he can't score anymore. Instead of telling the player not to score, how about they tell he defense to.. well..play defense?

Jimerson says that the rule was not made to punish him, but to get the other 21 players a chance. If that's the case then they should talk to the quarterback and tell him to stop passing the ball to Jimerson. Coaches always ask that their players give 100% Why should Jimerson, a player who gives 100%, be held back to help his teammates who only give 80%?

I realize there's no "I" in "team" but this is football not basketball. Whats a player to do, tell the quarterback not to pass him the ball even when he's open?

The rule was made when Madre Hill played in Melvin, ARK. Madre? Madre in spanish means mother, so his name was Mother Hill? You can come up with your own joke for that.