Greatest Game 6 in Baseball History?

Possibly the best game 6 I have veer seen...whish isnt saying much since this is the ONLY game 6 I've seen in baseball. After the game 3 stomping the Cards gave Texas I called it quits and declared them the new Champs. But after two very good games the Rangers take the 3-2 lead. I had hopes, but tonight's game was a classic...

Good pitching, bad pitching, good batting, bad batting. Good fielding, bad fielding. We saw it all this World Series. Rangers had 4 different pitchers in the 6th Inning and on one hit! The rest were walks. The bases were loaded throughout most of those 3 pitching changes and the Cards could only get one run in to tie the game. Next inning Beltre hits a home run to put the Rangers back on top 5-4. Nelson Cruz follows him with a home run of his own. 6-4 But bases were loaded once again for the Cards in the 8th inning, this time with two outs...but could not get a run. In the 9th. Cards had two men on base with the winning run at bat with one out.....then two outs...and pitcher fails. David Freese with a hard shot to right bringing in the two runs and stops at third 7-7. Extra innings: Josh Hamilton with a surprising two run home run for the Texas Rangers in the top of the 10th inning 9-7 Cardinals get two men on base with no outs...than one out...than two outs with a run in 9-8 Rangers walk Pujols and a very hot Berkman comes to bat.... base hit. Game tied at 9-9. 11th inning he Rangers could not get a run in and bottom of 11th David Freese hits a walk off home run to tie the series at 3-3. A pretty good and exciting game.

Who did I cheer for? Texas Rangers. Cardinals eliminated my Brewers and I like the Ranger color blue, its my favorite color, call me racist. What darn luck. Thursday night as supposed to be game 7 now instead its Friday night I'll be in church and will probably miss the game, church better be packed, God comes first. DVR it or if you're old like me VCR it! Should be a good game First game 7 in 9 years.