Ads are the Disease that will Kill the Internet

Well, ok the internet will never die, but it might kill me, these ads are causing me to lose my hair already! Don't you just hate going to a website and it takes you 30 minutes to view whatever you went in for? Sometimes it takes me so long to get around all the ads that I've forgotten what I was looking for!

While sure, ads are a nice way of making an extra chunk of change (I've made over $ 13 months!)It's become beyond annoying. They freeze my computer and take ages to load completly. That is why you do not see any on this website....yet.

Exhibit A: Take a look at a screencap of a website with ads. Just so you know I started this blog post in 2005 the site below finally finished loading enough for me to take a cap!

Ad 1: Those 5 people you see at the top in the banner talking about asthma? Thats an ad
Ad 2: Right next to i is the ad to download a better browser.
Ad 3: Underneath it is a banner that says "Want to bet on this?"
Ad 4: The blue rectangle is an ad that never finished loading.
Ad 5: Few stuff below it there is a thing of a jug that says I need to download a plug in to play the annoying video ad. Right I'll get right to that!
Ad 6: In the big black spot in the middle or left, whatever is an ad that supposed to appear before I watch the original video.

That is 6 ads! Not to mention the inVideo ads that popup as I'm watching the video, causing my computer to freeze. Youtube has a marriage with inVideo Ads or as I call them "Commercials for the Internet." Anyways 6 ads is too much for a website. Especially when they mix it up with flashing and video ads.

We also have those flashing "congratulations you won!" ads. Won my foot. I called one of those losers a few years ago and the guy said that I needed to give them $800, long story short I didn't win anything. Some video or audio ads wont shut up, there is no way to turn them off. I've gone to websites to listen to something but had to leave because their ads were talking so much I couldn't hear a thing. Don't get me started on the sexual ads with audio...sigh

Ads have become spam. Many carry viruses and the "You are a winner" ads are frauds. So no matter what the ad is about I never click it. Their not like TV ads, where I believe they are approved before broadcast. You know TV ads are legit. Internet ads can be made by anyone, hence why so many viruses. Behind downloads from p2p sharing sites. Ads are probably the leading causes for computer infections. There are some legit ads out there, but its really hard to tell these days. Finding a good ad is like finding a virgin, they all say they are, but it isn't until you catch something that you find out their not.