Woman sues ex boyfriend for breaking up via Facebook

This 50 year old woman (yes I said 50 not 20) was planning to fly out and meet the guy for the first time, but he broke up with her a week before she was suppose to fly.

Cheryl Gray is suing the 35 year old Wylie Iwan (yes thats a 15 year age difference) for $8,386.88 for misrepresentation, promissory estoppel (whatever that is), defamation of character and intentional infliction of emotional distress (according to her he posted statuses talking negativly about her, which 'ruined her rep. Let me tell you, if you're 50 and dating a guy 15 years younger, its too late to worry about your rep!)

Gray spent alot of money buying him gifts, they say they talked, texted etc. all the time, but when it came time to finally see each other. He tells her that he has met someone else. There's a shock!

A typical story. This just goes to show you that age doesn't build intelligence. Experience makes you smarter not age. I have been in her shoes before, so I'm not going to knock anyone for trying to find love via facebook, myspace or anywhere else. In all honesty, it is easier to find love online than in person. I get along much better and easier with my online friends than I do with my real life friends. I can not blame Gray for having feelings for this person it happens but I do blame her for expecting a fairy tale ending on the internet.

I have had long distance relationships and local ones and they all ended badly. I've learned my lesson, I will only have long distance relationships with girls I have already met. I am not going to tell you where and how to find love, but be cautious, don't be spending money on someone you haven't met to win them over.

By the way $8,386.88 is insane, but if it works, my exes better prepare cuz I'm suing all of them!

Of course the judge threw the case out for lack of jurisdiction. Guess my exes are safe!