60% of Marriages end in Divorce

There's a lot of speculation as to why such a high percentage of marriages end in divorce.

Did you know 85% of divorce is requested by women? But why? Aren't women the ones who want to get married the most?

I can't speak for others, but in my life the girls I have met and talked to look for things in men that will cause them to divorce if they were to marry that type. Things such as, appearance, weight, style of dressing, attitude etc. Obviously financial problems is the leader of this list.

It's not late breaking news. Girls want a "hot guy" They dont look for the funny guy, the smart guy or the guy they have most chemistry with. They look for the hot guys. Girls will say personality does matter, but you never see them date an ugly guy. "Girls date guys because of looks, they stay with them based on personality" This is a lose/lose situation for the "ugly" fellows. They have the personality the girl wants but she wont date him because of his looks. I have been on social networks for 7 years or so and I can tell you from expirience that most girls find jokes a lot funnier when its coming from a guy she thinks is attractive. I post a joke on a girls status, she ignores it, the ones that dont ignore it, insult me in some way. A few days later another guy makes a similar joke and the same girl laughs and says how funny he is. Whats the difference? That time the joke came from a guy she likes, who thinks is hot. In marriage, looks no longer matter. Looks can not keep the marriage together, looks can not solve problems and looks don't make lame jokes funny. Bottomline is most girls care more about a physical connection then an emotional connection and when they get married they start to realize and notice even more how that important piece was missing.

Girls are to say the least...picky (if you're not attractive) I have been rejected, because I'm too tall, too skinny. Or because Im Puerto Rican or my ears are too big the list goes on and on. Married ones are just as picky about things but their no longer a physical thing, its now what he does. He's messy, he's lazy, doesnt wash his plates, doesnt wash himself! These are reasons for anger no doubt, however divorce isnt always the answer. His looks aren't cleaning the dishes now are they?

Communication is the key, something girls should have had way before they get married.

In 2009 a Woman divorced her husband because he cleaned too much.

Another female divorced her husband for not taking her to dinner.

Another woman divorced her husband.....get this, because he was too nice!

A woman divorced her husband because he played too much video games.

Ok the last one is another anger issue, but can be resolved through communication and understanding. Point is women treat marriages like a normal relationship, they leave it whenever they want. They realize the chemistry isnt there. They realize they didnt love their boyfriend, she only loved the attention she was getting from her friends, because she has a 'hot boyfriend"

Ok lets end this blog before it gets longer. When it comes to love you shouldn't discriminate. Don't judge based on looks, race or even age, real chemistry and love can come from unexpected places and unexpected people if you give them a chance.

Don't date a guy just because he's cute or hot or has a good body. After marriage people stop "faking" and start being themselves. So you better be darn sure you fall in love with their personality and the chemistry is there before you get married.

Christian girls crack me up the most. They find a boyfriend outside of church and she brings him in like he's going to become like Jesus overnight. It isn't until after the marriage that the girl starts to see the guy being himself and saying. "I don't have to go to church now that I'm married to her." Or in many cases hat I've seen. The guy acts all christian like when he goes to church for her, everyone is convinced he is a changed man, even gets baptized, but then after they breakup we never see him again!

If you want a Christian boyfriend, find a Christian guy. You want a funny guy, find a funny guy. Don't look for the hot guy and try to change him, because he won't. He may momentarily and he may change a few things but he wont change everything and once the relationship is over or the ring is on the finger, you'll see the truth and won't like it. Don't believe me? Just ask the 85% of women that requested for their divorce!