Five Things Guys Hate That Girls do on Facebook

1. Blasting her boyfriend all over Facebook.

How many times have we seen this? A girl gets a new boyfriend and she has him everywhere. Statuses, photos, wall posts etc. We can see she has a boyfriend when she updates her relationship status, no need to remind us every 5 minutes like some emergency alert system! First it was PDA (public display of affection) that annoyed us, now its FA (Facebook affection) Almost every status the girl has is talking about how wonderful her boyfriend is, how much fun she had with him the day before, etc. and when you try to tell the girl "Oh you say that about every boyfriend" She'll respond with "This one is different" Excuse me lady, but you say that about every boyfriend and I have about 3,000 statuses from you that can prove it!

Most girls with throw the jealous card at you and say you only wish you were him. it's not jealousy, it's annoyance. It's not an opinion, it's a fact. We all care that the girl is happy, but we don't care to get updates every 5 minutes saying how much they love each other. Every heard of TMI? Bottomline is this. We care that you're happy, but don't care to hear about it. Harsh but true.

2. Girls who play detective.
Ah gee, I can't tell you how many times a girl has gotten on my case for how I talk to other girls or asking me who the girl is in one of my photos. A girl who checks out every status, post, checks to see what kind of female friends you have and photos you upload is just plain scary and crazy.. Stalker much? If the guy is single, I say let him do as he pleases, worry about him after he's in a relationship with you or someone else. Even then that is still creepy. Let the single guy act single.

3. Guy Bashing Statuses.
Oh dear the every popular "Guys are all the same" topic. This status usually follows the breakup. After she spends her day doing 1 on this list, she spends the next few days bashing the guy she talked so highly about and its not just that one guy, she talks trash about guys in general. Hey, not our fault you chose the losers. There are plenty of fish in the sea, not our fault you'd rather go after the sharks. That shows immaturity and will most likely turn any guy away.

4. Silent treatment.
Oh, this is a pet peeve of mine. A girl adds or accepts you and she never talks to you. She ignores your wall posts, status replies, doesn't "like" anything of yours. Makes you wonder why she added you in the first place. If you know this girl in person, that just makes it 10x worse. I have girls on my list that I have known in real life for over 5 years and have had them on Facebook for 2 years and I still know nothing about them, because they don't respond to me. They don't care to talk or form a friendship. It's sad when you have a better relationship with someone from Japan then you do with someone you see every month.

Sometimes they ignore us because of a problem we once had. You'd be surprised how many girls do not have a forgiving heart and how long they'll carry a grudge. Its pretty sad. Whatever the reason they need to stop.

Lets face it guys, there are some girls that do not care to make new friends. That prefer to stay within their circle of friends and not invite anyone in. If that's the case they should deny/remove us. Which leads me to my final one

5. Random Deletion
I've lost count on how many times a girl has deleted me. The reasons are usually: "He's annoying." Even though we barely chat. "He isn't funny." I guess if I'm annoying she wont find me funny either. "He's ugly." Oh, that's mature. Girls tend to change their opinions about you more than they change their socks! One day we're talking on the phone or texting for hours laughing and having a jolly old time, a few days later she's holding a grudge over something, talks trash to her friends about then deletes me. What annoys us guys about this is that the girl never talks to us about her issue. Everything is great n the beginning, but suddenly She re=forms an opinion about us, chooses to dislike us, chooses to stay angry and then chooses to hold a grudge, but never bothers to tell us why.

To me it could all be psychological. The more you like a person, the funnier their jokes are to you, but no matter how funny a joke is, if you don't like the person they'll never be funny to you. Proven point. I replied to a girls status update making a joke, she didn't laugh at mine, but another guy says the same thing I did and she responds with "lmao" I asked her whats the difference and why she didn't laugh when I said it she said "cuz I don't like you." See, she has decided not to like me and convinced herself not to like anything I say even though it may be funny. That my friends is what being ignorant is all about

These are only 5 of the things that girls do that annoy us guys, there's more trust me. it takes a guy a looong time to delete a girl, you'd be surprised what crap us guys will put up with, but girls, atleast the ones I know will delete you for the smallest of things. The debate continues, whos better males or females? I don't know but when it comes to facebook friendships. I think guys are alot more respectful.

This is also how you know you spend way too much time on facebook :(