Webby Wednesday-Demi and Ashton to Split?

Ashton Kutcher is 33, Demi is 48. Nothing but a 15 year difference, no big deal right? Maybe not for "normal" couples, but this is Hollywood, where you can cheat without cheating. How many hookups has Ashton had on film? I think his last one with Mila Kunis was the straw that broke the camels back (No, I wasn't referring to Demi.)

That girl Sara Leal is 23, yup, 10 years younger than Ashton. Aww, we have Ashton and Demi, example of how love has no age and we have Ashton and Sara, example of how cheating has no age.

Anyways, story is Ashton cheated on Demi on his wedding anniversary of all days. That alone makes me wonder if the story is even true. Reports are saying that it is a $290 million divorce! Reason two, why I doubt this story. According to the report, they are claiming that the couple were planning to divorce way before the "cheating" took place. Reason 3 I don't believe this story: Its been done before. Rumors of cheating have surrounded these two before they even met. So, that's not new, but then again, if the couple was really splitting up, that would explain why Ashton wasn't with Demi on their anniversary. Hmm? What do you think?

As a Christian, I've wondered if age makes a difference. It doesn't. The lifestyle is different from those in Hollywood and if any relationship is centered around God, it can work. That's all I will write about the religious side. I am currently working on my third book, which is a fiction story on two people that fall in love but are several years apart and just to make it more interesting, only one is over 18! I have to save every religious comment on age difference for the book.