Twitter Tuesday

I have been neglecting my 5 twitter followers for too long! So every Tuesday I will ask my twitter followers (which have probably dropped to 4 since the posting of this.)To reply to a question I ask. Their response will be featured on the Tuesday night blog.

You're probably asking yourself "why doesn't he just ask the question here and we respond through comments?" Well it's like moving into a house but with no address. Noone will know you're there unless you tell them. People are lazy, They would rather retweet than go to a different website and comment. I don't know if my followers are lazy, I just know I am!

Every Tuesday I will ask the tough questions like: Which do you prefer crispy or grilled?
or Which is worse for your face: eating chocolate or getting slapped by a girl? Seriously I have no idea what to ask, but I guess you'll have to follow me and find out every Tuesday morning...or afternoon, really whatever time I wake up!

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