Tips for Guys: Female Facebook Rules Revealed!

It seems that girls have their own Policies and Terms of Use for their friends on Facebook. They have unknown rules we guys need to follow or they'll delete us. Since these rules are unknown here are a few I have noticed.

1. Don't Talk.
Some girls get annoyed when you comment on all their stuff (or on anything!) When someone uploads a photo or adds a new status what is it they want people to do? They want people to "Like" it and/or comment on it. By adding it to their page they are inviting us to respond. So why get angry when we do? "Yes I am uploading a picture wearing my wedding dress and 500 pounds of makeup, but its not for you to comment or like. I'm just uploading it for the fun of it. Heck, I'm not even engaged!"

Recently a female blocked me on Facebook (which has become a weekly tradition), I texted her and the reason she gave me was I was annoying. A few hours earlier she was laughing at my comments, does that make sense? She said I was annoying her because I comment her too much. Two status comments in 4 days is too much? I also have a friend who we will call "Bill" was cursed at by her friends sister on facebook. The sister accused Bill of being on all of her sisters statuses. Fact shows Bill only replied to 1 status out of 7! Bottomline is try to leave atleast on average of 3 comments per week to be safe, unless the girl is really cool and says its ok and she doesn't mind more. This also includes messages and IM's. Basically if you add a female friend and you want to stay friends. Don't talk to her!

2. Don't flirt
Alot of girls can't tell the difference between a compliment and flirting therefor you must limit the amount of compliments you leave. I personally am the king of flirting, however I don't do it much and do not do it with the intentions of getting the girl to like me, I do it to make her smile and laugh. I have yet to be deleted for complimenting a girl because of my style. I try to add humor to it. Mind you, she has hundreds even thousands of male friends all calling her pretty. It can get annoying. What makes your comment any different? I don't put stuff like "You're so hot you melt the sun." My goodness if you say that just delete yourself.

3. Too many updates
Updating your status 50 times a day can be really annoying, not just to the girl, but to everyone on your friends list. We really don't want to see 50 status updates from you on our news feed talking about your recent trip to the kitchen.

On a side note. You can block status updates from people without deleting them. You'd be surprised how many people don't know this.

4. If she has a boyfriend ignore her.
Some girls transform into "Cyber slaves" after getting a boyfriend. They do whatever it takes to make her boyfriend happy on Facebook, even if that means deleting you. You can't compliment her or the 10 year old boyfriend she has will start acting spoiled and demand that she delete you. Recently I left a picture comment on a friend that I have known for about 4 years. "I'm not going to flirt with you anymore I don't want to spoil you." Truth is we never did flirt. She knows the truth and I know the truth, but here comes the big bad wolf boyfriend to start drama and a few minutes later she blocked me. Other times I have noticed that some girls have deleted me and it was right after they found a boyfriend. I worry about those girl, because if the boyfriend is that controlling now after only a few weeks, just imagine how he'll be if they get married. That old ball and chain will be replaced with a whip and a chain.

A few months ago I saw a girls boyfriend write a post on her wall. he was ranting on the guys that complimented her. it went something like this: "All you (censored) leave my (censored) girl the (censored) alone. (censored) better (censored) show some (censored) respect (censored) (censored)"

Now, thats a boyfriend to be proud of (sarcasm.)  Really the girl is not the problem, it's the boyfriend. So I guess this one is a tip for girls: Don't get such verbally abusive, sensitive, immature, controlling, possessive boyfriends.

5. Two heads may be better than one, but two faces aren't

Many girls are way more sensitive and a lot less patient on Facebook than they are in real life. You call a girl pretty in person she'll say "aww thank you." You call the same girl pretty on Facebook she'll say "Ew go away creep." I recently returned from a youth retreat. I got to spend a lot of time with a female friend. Our friendship had been rocky so I felt that we needed that weekend to get to know each other better. I went home feeling good and accomplished...a few days later I had to delete her for disrespecting me on Facebook.  So far this year alone I had to delete 15 friends that I know in real life off of Facebook! They are completely different people. In texting their nice, in person their nice, but on Facebook their mean and harsh and its in public adding insult to injury. So guys be cautious. if you want to be friends with a girl, do it with the ones you know and see weekly and stay away from Facebook....I am going to be so anti-Facebook by 2012 Facebook will end up deleting me!

Many girls are immature, they will not come right out and tell you nicely to stop doing these things, they will either remove you as a friend, block you or flat out curse you out. So take this post as your first and final warning. Most girls don't believe in the "3 strikes you're out" method anymore they'd prefer to catch the fly ball and get you out with no second chances.