My favorite IPOD/IPhone Touch Apps

ipod.jpgI've seen lots of articles on the best apps based on ratings and downloads, but I want to tell you my favorite apps based on my rating and download.
Sabbath School App-I don't understand why the general conference, knowing their financial status would burn even more money by creating a free app. Granted the Sabbath School lesson is only $2 if bought through a church, but its more convenient. Being at a spanish church it isn't easy for me to find an english lesson, so this app is great for me. It also gives you the lesson for every age group. Not only can you study your age groups lesson, but you can also catch up with what the other classes are learning (not that you would, but still nice to have.) They also have a nice little feature where someone reads the lesson to you. They made it simple for the lazy.
textfree.jpgTextFree-This is a goldmine. You get your own number to text with unlimited texting! You can now make phone calls using that number-that is not free, however the plan to buy minutes is incredibly and shockingly cheap. 250 minutes for only $4.99 or 100 minutes for a messily 2 bucks! I was so excited I almost called Sprint and canceled my monthly plan. There is a catch. You must be connected to the internet. The stronger the wifi signal the clearer the reception. Can you walk around the neighberhood and talk on the ipod? No, but it's a great money saving app if you're at home all day playing video games.
05-ebuddy_icon-256x256.pngEBuddy- MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Googletalk, Myspace and even Facebook IM is all there in one app. I used to instal each individual app, until I found eBuddy. You sign into the app then sign into each account (only once, you'r automatically signed in every time you open the app) and all your contacts from each messenger is listed on one page. Some messengers like MSN can make computers run slower, so this app helps save time and patience.
myspace-new-logo.jpgMyspace- I barely use myspace, but when I do I sign in through the app on Ipod, why?....well have you seen Myspace lately? I swear you need a GPS just to get around that site, it's impossible to find things anymore. On the APP everything is silky smooth, easy to find, easy to read and doesn't take an hour to load....I take that back I just opened the app after the new update's just as confusing. Ugh have you seen their new logo? Good night nurse, who came up with that idea?
facebook_logo.pngFacebook-Oh thank goodness for plain and ordinary ey? THIS is simple and easy to read. You even get push notifications or alerts when you get a comment, message etc. You can very easily check the news feed and leave comments. View events, photos, it's so simple a 5 year old can do it (and they have I've seen them!) It's because of this smoothness that Facebook has taken over as the top social network.

IBooks The greatest app ever invented for readers with a small apartment. If you love to read, this is the app for you. You can purchase books straight from their store and store it on the "shelf" 
While you can purchase book on it. Some can cost you more money than a physical copy (used) on ebay or amazon, but the classic books are free like War and Peace, The Secret Garden, Hamlet. Must be hundreds of great free books. This in my opinion is better than the kindle. You can bookmark your pages aswell.

I will not get into detail about the games, because that's only useful if you have the same taste in games as I do.